Thermal treatment of sawn wood

Thermal treatment of customer`s softwood and hardwood lumber

Chamber volume 20m cubic meters

Drying of customer`s softwood and hardwood lumber

Chamber volume 120-150 cubic meters

Thermo Vacuum System

TVS – Thermo Vacuum System® in a patented equipment designed for thermo-modifying wood. The transformation is based on the use of high temperatures in a vacuum atmosphere, without chemical additives.

The characteristics of the final product are essential, in particular the increase in durability in accordance with UNI EN 350-2:1996: this standard specifies the procedures for defining and classifying the natural durability of each species of wood.

In addition, the mechanical properties (also characterized according to ISO standards) and the color of the wood also change.


Finally, the vacuum heat treatment system has many other advantages:

  1. Reduced moisture content and wettability
  2. Improved dimensional stability
  3. Increased durability and weather resistance
  4. Uniform color throughout the product
  5. Environmentally friendly process
  6. Odorless wood
  7. Slight decrease in mechanical strength
  8. Increased thermal insulation

Heat-treated wood according to WDE Maspell research-based guidelines.

The TECH4WOOD project is recognized by the commercial name and the VacWood® trademark due to the characteristics and strength class. In addition, TVS heat-treated wood retains the evaluation criteria of the CEN/TS 15679 standard, which just defines the heat-treated wood characteristics.